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The State Enterprise "Central Securities Depository"

The State Enterprise "Central Securities Depository"

The State Enterprise "Central Securities Depository" - an organization that provides a single storage system, discount rights and movements of securities in  depository system of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Central Securities Depository - the largest institute in the stock market of the republic. Furthermore fulfill exceptional features, the Central Depository is the initiator of the introduction of uniform standards of depository operations, common formats of electronic interaction, international standards for electronic messages and the identification of the securities, as well as expanding the list of corporate actions served depositories. Also, Central Depository provides conducting single database of corporate securities, single database of depositors (including the issuers), takes an active part in the development of the regulatory framework governing the activities of the depositories.

Today, Central Depository has advanced hardware and software with upgraded computer equipment, which once again proves the reliability and safety of the professional work of  Central Depository.

Central Depository was established by Decree of Cabinet Ministry of Republic of Uzbekistan No. 263 "On issues of organization and activities of the Central Securities Depository", dated  21.05.1999


This new issue of “DEPO COMPASS” reports key depository indicators summarizing the results of July 2022.

UzCSD’s Annual Report 2021

New issue of Uzbekistan Central Securities Depository’s monthly newsletter “depo-REPORTER” covering key depository news of July 2022.

The number of shares issued by 629 joint-stock companies and safekept by the Central Securities Depository totaled 13 305.54 billion with the aggregate par value totaled UZS 164 192.90 billion as of 1 July 2022.